About Us

stained concrete has never looked so good

Texas Concrete Effects came into being because we noticed stained and decorative concrete showing up everywhere – malls, restaurants, homes, public buildings, etc. We soon began to realize that although these concrete floors were different and unique, there was a lot of room for improvement.

Most of the floors were splotchy and appeared unnatural. Their protective finishes were peeling, and the waxes and protective products were making them worse. Urethane and epoxy sealers made the surface look discolored from the moisture trapped in the concrete. Acrylics ended up scratched and flaky, requiring constant maintenance.


our innovative solution

Polished concrete emerged as a new and efficient way of producing the natural shine and seal without the toxic, high maintenance sealers. This is the same technology that has been used for years to polish granite and other natural stones.

We decided to combine the ideas of traditional stained concrete with diamond polishing. This provided the beautiful color and longevity we were looking for.

This is how we developed our trademark process: acid stained and diamond polished concrete combined.

You won't find a more natural, richer looking stained concrete floor. It's the best looking and most durable stained concrete floor available.