Taking pictures of floors is quite difficult because of lighting and glare. The colors in pictures of the same floor may vary , and will never completely match the color chart. Computer monitors may also render colors differently. We take pictures of all of our jobs but can not post all of them. We try to pick out portions of different jobs that happened to have good lighting. Notice the natural shine and character of the floor is from the concrete, not a coating or sealer. It shines and feels exactly like a polished granite countertop. 

Diamond polishing the concrete exposes the natural character and marbling and gives the floor a natural luster without the use of hazardous chemical coatings like urethanes, acrylics and epoxies. This means absolutely no scratching, chipping, bubbling, flaking, peeling or discoloration from sunlight. 
We can transform nearly any concrete slab into a beautiful polished piece of stone that is full of life and never short on character.
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